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Valentine's weekend
« on: February 15, 2014, 02:11:27 pm »
Going to be hosting some impromptu playlists throughout this weekend. With Rockstar boosting payouts on sea races to some really nice levels I'll have a playlist of some of the more entertaining ones to run. We'll fill it with crew members as long as there is interest, otherwise we'll invite randoms to fill the spots. I have also put together a last team standing playlist that I will be running on Sunday. Same as with the sea races, we'll fill it with crew members first and randoms if needed. There is no set time for these events as my play time will be sporadic this weekend but will likely be in the mid to late afternoon and evening time today for sea races (GMT 8pm and later) and possibly multiple times Sunday depending on interest.

As a reminder if you have not already, join the skype chat it is the best way to get involved with all the things we do that don't always get a forum post.

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Re: Valentine's weekend
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