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Re: Your Ideas - Your Events
« on: October 01, 2013, 03:08:59 pm »
I like the manhunt idea as well. If I may add some suggestions to the constraints of that concept.
1.If it's possible(at the time i'm writing this I have no clue how online is cause had no luck getting a lobby) but if its' possible, player doing the hunting[/b] should turn off mini map and only be given a small radius as to where the [b]hunted is. Seeing the hunted's picture is a great idea of trying to hunt that location down but not everyone will be able to take helpful pictures to narrow it down. Then there is the question as to how we can quickly share our photo to players playing the hunter(s). Maybe when we decide to play this one, the player who is assigned to be hunted can post picture to social club on its wall.(If possible. Pictures that I've taken don't neccessarily show up on our wall.
2.The person playing the hunted must hide in plain sight amongst crowds or walking back in forth in small area. Assassins Creed style. Important note* this can only happen if there is a way to hide gamertags from showing up.
3. The Hunter when he or she thinks that have their prey, must eliminate with a gun.
4. At this point the hunted can choose to flee or try and remain hidden hoping that the Hunter causes enough damage to raise his wanted level.