Should we have an official crew outfit?

Yea, a crew outfit could be sweet! - but it shouldn't be required to wear it.
Yea, and making it required would be cool. That way everybody would know we're the llamas!
Yea, but it should only be required in events like heists, crew wars etc.

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Re: Crew outfit?
« on: October 24, 2013, 11:37:20 am »
I think we need somekind of clothing "hierarchy" tho:

Baggyjeans, Workingpants, T-Shirts, Hoddies TrackJackets, TankTops for Muscle
Chinos, Baseball Tees, Polos, Shirts (untucked) for Representatives
Fitted Jeans, Shirts (tie) Vests(Bowtie) Opened Jackets for Lieutenants
Suit Pants, Shirts, Jackets(Tie or Bowtie) for Commisioners
And our great leader: nruhdal should be free to wear any of these tiers of clothing.

Now you may wonder about hats and glasses?
I think we should have "classes" in the crew:


This should determine what kind of accossories you are allowed to have.


This might be a suitable outfit for a higher rank Driver
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