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Crew Policy & Procedure (Must Read!)
« on: October 23, 2013, 03:23:29 am »

6 Essential but Easy Requirements to all Llamas:
The no. 1 reason to meet these requirements is for you to improve your GTA Online Crew experience. At the same time you'll avoid any risk of getting kicked from the crew

1. Sign up to this forum ->
- If you're all new to the forum, we recommend looking at the "llama-forum for newbies"-guide to get settled ->

2. Join the Skype Crew Chat
- To join the Skype Chat simply post your Skype Name here ->
- If you don't have skype yet, simply go to -> - Alternatively, you can download Skype to any smartphone or tablet.
- Skype is by far the easiest way to communicate with crew members, find people to play with and stay tuned on everything that's going on in GTA Online and the crew. There's already over 100 llamas in the chat, so get in there and join the fun ASAP!

3. Make Spitting Llamas your active crew.
- If it isn't active yet, go to the crew-page and click 'Set as crew active', which is located under the crew 'Motto'. ->
*NOTE: it's not required that you've the crew as active 24/7 - we know that a lot have a small crew with a few friends which they sometimes play with, which is totally ok! :) - but try to keep it active as often as possible to easily link up with crew mates.

4. Make your Social Club profile visible ->
- You've to make it visible to at least 'friends & crew'. linked accounts and game stats is most important.

5. Play fair and treat fellow llamas with respect.
- Don't purposely ram other llamas off the road in races (except for gta races)
- Don't kill fellow llamas in free-roam (except by mutual agreement)
*NOTE: Fellow crew-members are marked in-game with an orange circle around the white dot, this is not bounties!
- Don't wear a dunce cap
- Act maturely and friendly not only towards fellow llamas, but towards everyone

6. Stay updated on whats happening in the crew: Visit the forum frequently and be online in the Skype Chat as much as possible (you should always be online when playing if you don't have a mic so you're able to communicate)

(7.) Learn how to make the spit sound -> *TFFFFFFFF*  ::)

Great Llama Behaviour
*Additionally we strongly recommend everyone in the crew to strive to achieve the following, as that gives you various benefits besides the obvious (a mic makes it easier to communicate etc.) like:
- Move up the hierarchy
- Receive preference to popular events
- Get invited to YouTube video-sessions and livestreams

8. Have or get a mic and speak English fluently.

9. Be active most days of the week.

10. Be a leader: Host events. Get other llamas to be more involved in the crew (to sign up to the forum, join the Skype Chat etc.). Gather and help out fellow llamas.

11. Llama-Fan: Follow / Subscribe to all the social sites the crew are on to stay tuned on everything from livestreams, to new content and announcements/news:
- (Videos)
- (News & Announcements)
- (Livestreams)

Insubordination and failure to comply with crew policy will not be tolerated.

Discipline and removal may be carried out by the administration with or without warning.
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