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I started this poll to see if a facebook group should be made.
In my opinion it would be a great addition to the crew, since almost everyone today uses facebook.
Planning and meeting would be much easier this way.
And you can also do a group chat, because skype has often connection issues.

So let's vote and see what happens.

I know it lags sometimes but skype is good. Got all the seperate chats for different things going on etc. I don't have Facebook either. Sorry to be negative about it but I'd prefer skype over anything I think.

Just to clarify, I'm not against a group. Just not for using it to organise things and conversing.

I'm not tied to Facebook specifically, but Skype chat does drive me nuts at times, so I'd definitely be interested in searching for alternatives to that, though finding something that offers multiple rooms while being accessible via any device is tough (Facebook does it easily, but everyone would have to be on Facebook).

What Facebook excels at is stuff like recruiting and providing news/announcements, the kind of socially driven aspects that you really can't get from a forum. It's a good idea, just requires someone to repost stuff that comes from the forums every day or two.

Option was added after I voted. I'm in favor of a group page but not as a means to replace skype for messaging. Even with its delay at times I feel skype works better than FB chat. Also, I don't run the FB app on my phone cause its shite and I don't like it going off with every notification. I do like the skype app on my phone though when I'm not near the PC.


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