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Re: Spitting Llamas Platinum Club
« on: December 24, 2013, 06:06:32 pm »

(1) BUZZARD (4) PLATINUM AWARDS (and a heck of alot of fun)

Buzzard Attack Heli Sandy Shores Airfield: Simply take-off and hover over the prison to achieve a wanted level then head out to the highway and let the rampage begin.


1. When Pigs Fly (Crimes) Shoot Down Police Helicopters [25] *copters destroyed in missions do not appear to count.

2. Mile High Club (Vehicles) Spend Time in a Helicopter [4hrs] *to further your progress pin the R2 button with a rubber band and take a shower or whatever.

3. Sky High (Vehicles) Blow Up Vehicles [500] *cop vehicles are auto targeted, take the chase over the highway and watch the vehicle count rise quickly.

4. The Fugitive (Crimes) Spend Time with a 5 Star Wanted level [120 min] *should not take long at all  to achieve 5 stars. 
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