Author Topic: Criminal Records (7K RP/min) (PATCHED)  (Read 57 times)


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Criminal Records (7K RP/min) (PATCHED)
« on: October 24, 2013, 04:31:45 pm »
Seeing a lot of folks doing this race, which is fine, it's the most RP rewarding thing to do in GTA Online at the moment.

Just wanted to clarify the settings to get the maximum amount of rp:
Laps 3 if low ranked, 2 if high ranked (if you get the message 'you've reached the maximum amount of RP for this activity' after the 1st lap you can settle with 2 laps)
Traffic ON
Wanted ON
Customs ON
Catch-up OFF

To maximize RP when low ranked (50>), do a lot of takeovers, do clean laps (no crashes), and beat your lap-time every lap.

Remember to be at least 2 persons while doing this (and the best way is to do it with a crew-mate to gain an additional 10% rp)

You should be able to make around 5-7k RP every race by doing this. (Most of the RP will be obtained when finishing the 1st lap)

Use 'super'-cars or 'motorcycles' to unlock mods for all vehicle classes. These are also the 2 fastest types of vehicles to complete the race with.

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