Author Topic: How To: Post an image on this forum  (Read 44 times)


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How To: Post an image on this forum
« on: December 10, 2013, 02:28:52 pm »
Alright i've been asked this quite a lot, so hopefully i don't have to respond to that question anymore after posting this  :)

1. First of all you gotta go to the crew's or your own Snapmatic album
The crews can be found here:
My own is here (replace 'nicoshaka' in the url with your own social club name):

2. Now click on the picture you want, and right click on it after that to copy the URL like this:

3. To paste it on the forum you obviously first want to hit the 'reply' button. Now you want to hit this small image of Mona Lisa in the top left corner:

4. Finally you want to past the url you got from Social Club between the 'img' and '/img':

5. Profit
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