Author Topic: Spitting Llamas VS Fly Squad Inc  (Read 57 times)


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Spitting Llamas VS Fly Squad Inc
« on: December 07, 2013, 06:34:14 am »
Alright we had a small little 3 vs 3 Crew vs Crew i copied down the stats for the matches and heres how it went :
                                                  Kill   /     Death

Round 1)   Relaxii             19/8
               Killnuez915      9/12
               Poser34           6/14

Round 2)   Relaxii             19/10
               Killnuez915        8/14
               Poser34             6/5

Round 3)   Relaxii              12/11
               Killnuez915        8/11
               Poser34             5/9

Overall, we did very well... its was a close match and our first one as a group vs another crew!
Shout out to Relaxii tearing **** up in the first round, on fire!
Poser34 doing real good as calling out the enemy for teammates!

Aside from this if i have any advice to give for the next match ( real soon im working on it now ), would be during TDM keep the excess talking to a minimum so we can hear the more urgent messages... i.e. if you die, dont start to rant about how or who killed you and how it was bullshit just say his location if you know it and respawn !

we need more people to start participating in these deathmatches so everyone who signed up on - >
will be messaged anytime we are looking for crew members to teamdeath match.

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