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Fight club idea's
« on: November 24, 2013, 08:49:49 pm »
I had some new fight club idea's. 1. We should all get drunk ( in game of course ) and have a fist fight, this would cause a long a enjoyable brawl. 2. Cowboy style... 2 player stand in the middle of the arena with 1 shot  kill guns.. After the announcer says go, the player with the fastest reaction will kill his enemy. ( you must be looking the other way from your enemy)The fastest llama with be champion. 3. 1 llama will send a random llama in the loby a message ( private ) this person will be the bad guy and no one will know, now this person has to kill all the lammas without any1 knowing the he's the bad guy. If any 1 get suspicious with another llama he can shoot him, if he's not the bad guy ur out of the game if he is u win.

If u guys enjoyed any of these ideas or have any others post a comment down bellow or in our skype\psn chat
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