Author Topic: Big News: Spitting Llamas on YouTube  (Read 335 times)


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Re: Big News: Spitting Llamas on YouTube
« Reply #15 on: December 20, 2013, 11:49:43 am »
Just a few ideas i will probably do a lot of:
Content Creator: Map Showcases, guides on how to make the perfect races / dm's, glitches and useful tips / tricks
Award Hunt: Show the easiest way to get certain awards / tattoo's
Become an expert Racer: I'll do some live race commentaries where i explain what to do to improve your racing skills.
Rare cars find: The easiest way to get the Sultan, Rat-loader, Asea, Tailgater etc.
Glitches: I'll obviously do a ****load of glitches because a lot of people watches these (and i know this ****). Will most likely not be recorded on my main account to avoid any risk.
Livestreams of events: I'll try to livestream as many events as possible, and if not then i'll at least try to edit some funny moments from them
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