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Big News: Spitting Llamas on YouTube

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Big News: Spitting Llamas on YouTube

Fellow Llamas,
It appears that we’ve finally got the ball rolling on the establishment of our YouTube channel. As many of you already know, the Spitting Llamas YouTube channel has been up for quite some time now, but has been lacking the most important aspect: Llama videos. Thanks to Parq we finally have the equipment to record gameplay. Additionally, Tsk and Dnmj have expressed interest in helping record with their equipment, and other llamas are in line to purchase some of their own. What does this mean? We are fast approaching the recording of Llama gameplay, the expansion of our YouTube channel, and the raging boners and lady-woods of all of our loyal viewers (only semi joking here).

Within this thread, we will post some simple guidelines, recommendations, ideas, and general information regarding the recording. It is highly encouraged that you respond to this thread with any ideas that you have, thoughts on what we’ve posted, and whether you would be interested in participating or helping record/video edit.

So without much further ado, here are some ideas that we have already established (your thoughts and ideas will be added to this official post if we feel they are good).

General Recommendations / Requirements

* Participants in the videos will be required to have microphones (though we may opt to use Skype Voice Chat instead to improve voice-chat quality) and will be encouraged to be vocal while recording. The more people adding to the conversation and dialogue the better.
* Llamas that have exhibited great Llama behavior (as described in the Crew Policy) will have priority over those who might not have displayed this behavior. For those that are new or haven’t had the opportunity to play much with us, don’t worry, just keep following the guidelines and you’ll be fine!
The Process / Ideas
-The demand to participate in the events will be huge, so not everybody will be able to join. Because of this, those that do not fit in the session will still be able to view whats going on via Livestream on YouTube or Twitch, along with our  subscriber base.

- A goal for each video will be to infuse comedy in everything we do. Whether it’s a how-to video, missions, or crew events and meet ups, humor will always make the videos better. (As long as it doesn’t hinder the video of course).

- Members should gradually develop their own identity. As a viewer, familiarity is a good thing. If each of us develops our own unique wardrobe/actions/behavior (while still sporting orange and following llama guidelines) viewers may start to develop favorite characters, may better recognize each character, and will be able to match a voice with a name. All of this will help boost video views. Your own identity might be that you always wear a pig mask, or you always wear nothing but short shorts, or you always ride a motorcycle. Something along those lines.  It’s all about creating unique identities, while still maintaining some kind of unit-feel (A CREW). This will not be required at all, but may be a good idea, and you can do whatever you please w/ your character while not recording video.

- Video Series will be developed in order to establish different genres. Series may include but are not limited to:
   -How-to-videos (glitches, secrets, tips & tricks etc.) –Missions  –Crew Events  –Races  –Random Events  –Many more..

- Most if not all videos will be spontaneous, but in some cases lines may be encouraged in order to make the video better. One hypothetical situation that we came up with is as follows:
   -We do the Base Invader mission (which is of course placed within the Missions genre). Within the mission, we establish the idea beforehand that we will act incredibly serious (as if we were Navy Seals). For instance, yelling something like “ALRIGHT GO GO GO WE GOTTA MOVE. OH SH*T RAVEN IS DOWN. THERE’S NO TIME, LEAVE HIM LETS MOVE MOVE!”. One viewer might listen to this and think holy moses these guys take this serious, when in reality it’s still obvious that we’re just f*cking around and trolling.

Other ideas like this may develop, and a loose form of a script is possible. But for the sake of fun and having a good time, this will mainly all be a spontaneous thing. We will most definitely have it very improvised to begin with, and use video editing afterwards to pick and choose the best moments.

Ladies, Gentlemen, Llamas.. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The possibilities are endless, and with the establishment of our YouTube channel, the popularity of our crew will continue to explode. Think about it. “The Spitting Llamas”, our “TFFFF” catchphrase, we were made for the YouTubes.
So please, leave any and all comments and ideas that you have regarding the recording of “Llama TV”. Your input will help keep the ball rolling, and turn that ball into an avalanche. If you have any interest at all in being involved in this, whether it be participating in the action, recording the video, supplying commentary, or video editing after-the-fact, please also comment below. This will need to be a team effort from all parts.

And last but certainly not least: TFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Remember to subscribe to the Spitting Llamas YouTube Channel! ->

Ill certainly head up BMX videos if one of you capture card owners comes along, I'll think up some cool spots and stunts to do and we'll take a small crew and hit 'em well as biking on the Mountains!

bmxing llamas will just have to show proper bunnyhopping technique as well as the ability to do stoppies wheelies and one-handed spins! we'll work on backflipping together as it's the hardest, but if you get your bunnyhopping down you got this

First of all i'll get a game-capture myself in the next few weeks (probably buy it when i get back home at the 22nd, so i'll be one of those recording.

Just for Jimmy's idea: We should combine that with some tutorials of how to do stoppies, wheelies etc. and where all the bmx ramps are at (show them on the map etc.)

Sounds good to me! Hopefully we'll be able to finish the Titan stunt as that would make an insane video



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