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Recording Availability [Parq] (Mostly for Relaxxii)


So basically, I want to start off by saying my most sincerest apology ever to Relaxxii, because I haven't been able to record. I am very sorry about that, it just that as a 13 year old with strict parents i'm not always available to record and come on whenever I want. I hope this does not affect me getting kicked out, and I try to stay as active as I can. So here are my timings and info.

Timezone: GMT + 3

Timings to record:

* Sunday to Wednesday from 9AM (GMT) to 12AM (GMT) [Except on Tuesdays]
* Thursday to Saturday when a recording is requested I will try and proceed to do it.
Please forgive me Relaxxii and I will try and do as much recording for the crew on my own as I can :)

Thanks guys :D

I was a 13 year old with strict parents too. It gets better.

If we were to kick you, it would rather be because of your age than your activitity. But, with that being said, you're actually acting extremely maturely for a 13-y-o, so no don't worry man. And we got a lot of other people who can record. I'm sorry if I've given you the impression you've to be on more, but it was really just last week we needed you a few times.

All good, love, peace & tfffff


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